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Design, development and production

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Design and development

We base our design, development and production on many years of cooperation with foreign business partners who strive for the highest industry standards.

All of the above would not be possible without top employees, experts in their fields, and quality engineers, all with the application of new machines and structured technological processes, thanks to the parent company – Dundo-promet d.o.o.

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Design and development


Using modern CAD technologies, the development team works on the design and optimization of upgrades, water and foam tanks, fuel tanks and fire extinguishing systems.

We develop a complete vehicle according to input data and requirements. According to the chassis selected for the project, we construct the load-bearing structure and upgrade, adapt to the chassis and make preparations for the acceptance of all necessary components on the vehicle.

DuTrax aluminum extruded profiles are one of the products of our development team. The profiles have been developed specifically for DuTrax upgrades and allow us flexibility in construction and efficiency in assembly. The aluminum structure provides strength and allows us to achieve a low total vehicle weight. The anodized layer on the profiles protects the superstructure from corrosion and contributes to the visual impression.


The development of the electrical department includes the programming and implementation of all programs and control systems on the vehicle using modern methods and tools.

Built-in signaling, fire extinguishing systems and accessories are controlled via a central control unit that communicates with the existing chassis system.

We develop our own control systems and integrate the required equipment into vehicles.

We approach each vehicle individually and develop control and power supply systems according to the input data and required parameters that need to be achieved.

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New machines and technological processes


Laser cutting


We ensure the precision and quality of the cut components by using lasers, and in this way we have the possibility of complete customization of the product to the customer. Laser technology provides us with a wide range of solutions and options when constructing more complex elements and shapes.

CNC bending


Sheet metal bending is done on CNC bending machines, which ensures the quality and adaptation of products to market needs and keeps room for innovation and original solutions that we can implement.



The production of fire trucks involves the use of welding technology of different materials. Available technology and skilled workforce ensure the quality of welding of structural steels, stainless steels and aluminum.



In the newly built paint shop, we perform the entire process of painting all vehicle components.

Next to the paint shop there is a sandblasting hall where the preparation of components for painting is carried out.

Varnishing is carried out in several stages and layers, in controlled conditions according to modern technology with tools and materials from proven manufacturers.


Electrical installation


In the production plant, we install complete electricity on the vehicle, connect it to the chassis electrical system, adjust and arrange the original components (eg batteries) in accordance with the upgrade and the best possible use of space.

We do the wiring of the complete upgrade and all installed systems inside the vehicle.

We install light and sound signals, interior and exterior cabin lighting and upgrades, and integrate the control system into the vehicle.

We install extinguishing and control system control systems according to our own programs and implement them in accordance with the specific requirements and needs of the customer.




The start of assembly work on the vehicle marks the entry of the chassis into the production plant, after which all preparatory work, modifications and adjustments are made to accept the upgrade with strict compliance and adherence to the instructions of the chassis manufacturer. The connection to the chassis pneumatic system is made and the pneumatic installation is pulled.

On the other side of the plant, work is being done on the preparation of subassemblies, assembly of superstructures, treads, doors and other components.

We install the aluminum construction of the superstructure on the chassis, mount the blinds, treads, doors and covers, which closes the superstructure.

We perform the complete production and installation of the fire system, testing and optimization and commissioning.

We manufacture and install equipment brackets according to the schedule we work in agreement with the customer, specifically tailored to the vehicle, equipment and available space.