Firefighting vehicles

Production, modification and upgrade of vehicles and superstructures, as well as additional equipment and service

We provide the following services

Firefighting vehicles and superstructures

We are open for cooperation in defining the main requirements and technical characteristics of the vehicle as well as for adapting the vehicle to the specific requirements and needs of the customer. Items such as the equipment installation layout inside the vehicle are defined in cooperation with the customer, who thus ensures satisfaction with the final solution.

DuTrax extruded profiles allow us flexibility in the construction of superstructures, covering a wide range of requirements related to the size, shape and purpose of the vehicle.

Surface protection and achieving anti-corrosion by using appropriate materials and coatings is a priority, which is why we use stainless steel and anodized aluminum in production. Components made of structural steels are galvanized.

Production of a complete firefighting vehicle


We develop a complete firefighting vehicle according to customer requirements. We adapt to the chassis of different manufacturers and make the vehicle according to Your needs.

Vehicle superstructures, water and foam tanks, fuel tanks and fire extinguishing systems are made to measure and according to the individual needs of the customer.

We implement signaling and control systems according to the direct requirements and needs of the customer.

Firefighting vehicle modification


We provide the service of vehicle modernization and adaptation of existing superstructures, we modify the existing vehicle and upgrade according to Your needs.

Superstructures of firefighting vehicles


We make and install superstructures on all types of vehicles, from cars and command vehicles to trucks, according to Your needs.

Additional equipment and specialized brackets


We install additional equipment and equipment brackets that we make to measure, according to the type of equipment, installation position and available space. The brackets guarantee safety, so that the equipment does not move while driving, and they are designed for quick and easy access to the equipment.

We provide the service of installing sound and light signals on vehicles and the implementation of warning systems.

Vehicle and superstructure service


We perform service and maintenance of firefighting vehicles, but also repairs and regular maintenance of superstructures, electrical components and fire extinguishing systems.

Modeling and 3D printing


We ensure the flexibility of making more complex polymer components of the vehicle and the speed of prototyping with 3D printing technology. The technology we use is "fused filament fabrication" - FFF, where a polymer wire wound on a spool is used as a material.

We offer various types of polymeric materials, where the selection is more appropriately based on several factors, the most important of which are the mechanical properties of the finished product, UV resistance, ease of manufacture, appearance, temperature resistance, etc.

To cooperate and create an offer, send the finished 3D model in .stl format or send pictures and approximate dimensions of the object, after which we do modeling and 3D printing.

Finished vehicles


Renault Master DOKA 2.3 dci

DuTrax demo vehicle for transporting firefighters and equipment

  • Fast, agile and compact
  • For the transport of a fire department of 6 members
  • Equipped with fire fittings and fire extinguishing equipment
  • High pressure module with 200l of water and 20l of foam
  • Anodized aluminum shutters with openness sensor
  • The roof of the superstructure is made of anti-slip composite panel, on which firefighting equipment is installed
  • Waterproof roof box to accommodate equipment, with built-in LED lighting
  • Lightweight aluminum upgrade made of anodized profiles
  • Multifunctional touch screen, for lighting and audible signal control
  • Rear reversing camera, operated via multifunction display
  • All outdoor and indoor lighting and flashes are made in LED technology
  • Equipment installed according to the wishes and specifications of customers, with custom brackets
Mitsubishi L-200

JVP Krapina command vehicle

  • Built-in light and sound signaling


frequently asked questions

can you install a superstructure on an already purchased vehicle?


Yes, regardless of whether You bought the vehicle (chassis) or we do the entire process for You, we make the superstructure completely according to Your needs. It is also possible to modify an existing vehicle / superstructure or make a completely new one.


do you make brackets for the equipment?

Yes, the brackets we make are completely tailored to your vehicle and the equipment you own. We respect ergonomics and economy, so we use the highest quality materials and swivel-pull mechanisms.

do you provide an upgrade only for light signalisation, or sound signalisation, too?

Both. It is possible to create a completely new light and sound signalization, or replace an existing one (obsolete and / or defective). All light signalisation is based on the new LED technology, while the sound signalisation has numerous warning tones and a built-in loudspeaker.

we are interested in adding better lighting...

Depending on the vehicle’s specifications, we recommend installing a pneumatic lighting pole, which provides you with 360 ° lighting. Such lighting is automated, and enables uninterrupted work of firefighters, even in the most difficult conditions.

do you have the ability to change the visual identity of the vehicle?

Yes, we can adjust the same by painting or stickers, and the strategic arrangement of brackets, blinds, lighting, etc.

do you provide the option to upgrade or replace the fire pump?

Yes, by all means. If it is a faulty pump, or the power is insufficient, or you have Your own requirements for the connection of fire fittings, contact us with confidence.