About us

Innovation, development, quality and improvement of firefighting vehicles and equipment

Vehicles and equipment

DuTrax d.o.o.

A young and innovative company founded in 2019. By applying the engineering approach, it is focused on the production, modification and service of firefighting vehicles and equipment.

It was developed according to the idea and enthusiasm of the C.E.O. Mladen Dunaj, with the aim of business evolution, and based on the rich and long-standing background of technological processes of company – Dundo-promet d.o.o.








Why Us?

By creating new products, we build inspiration, we are constantly looking for new solutions and fresh ideas, and with each new challenge that is set before us, we improve and create new ideas.

The development team ensures the implementation of existing solutions on new projects and the creation of new solutions and innovations for all requirements that are set before us.

Delivery of high quality products

Proven reliability of installed components and systems

Reliable and experienced suppliers

Thorough product and semi-finished product control

The delivered product fully meets all requirements

The vision of DuTrax d.o.o. is a breakthrough in the firefighting vehicle market and the creation of a recognizable brand in the domestic and European markets. Through market monitoring and implementation of modern technologies from the world of firefighting vehicles and equipment, we want to meet the specific requirements of customers and offer quality and modern products with which we can compete with established manufacturers.


Innovation, development, quality and product improvement is the mission of DuTrax d.o.o. With an individual approach and quality, we strive to meet customer requirements and their satisfaction.